Smartone Toilet Rolls


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Smartone Toilet Rolls

SmartOne toilet tissue and dispensers are the perfect solution for washroom owners everywhere thanks to the greater hygiene benefits, high capactity dispensing and contemporary design.

It's single sheet dispensing means that it is a must have for hospital bathrooms and toilets where the prevention of cross contamination is a must.

Reduces waste by a huge 42% to standard jumbo toilet rolls

Cross-contamination is massivley reduced due to users only touching one sheet

Single sheet dispensing means waste is reduced substantially

16 hours longer use than standard bulk pack tissue before the need to refill

142 hours more toilet visits than mini jumbo toilet rolls

Fire proof protection

Looks stylish in any washroom thanks to its contemporary design

Made from extremely tough plastic for huge strength and security

SmartOne reduces cost, waste and maintenance.

Smartone Toilet Rolls

Smartone Toilet Roll Dispenser

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